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August 01, 2010



I wonder if anyone really escapes the hair cutting phase? Turns out that Bryn did it once, too, only I never realized it until we'd gone to get her hair cut some time after that. Her stylist asked me if she cut her hair. I said, "No, I don't think so." She said, "Well, there's some missing here in the back underneath." I thought, well at least if she's going to cut it, I'm glad it was in a spot that wasn't noticeable! Good thing hair GROWS! ;-)

LOVE the new LO's, Jackie! Your photos are gorgeous, too! And that house card is niiiiiiice! :-)


My daughter took a razor to her eyebrows when she was 10. She swore up and down (despite the missing eyebrows and the razor with hair stuck in it) that she didn't do it. Sigh...

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